Be The Energy You Want To Attract

Yesterday’s run helped me realize that I haven’t been the emphatic person that I am striving to be. Everyone around me has been going through so many difficulties and usually I listen and find positivity in the situation. But recently I’ve been going through family issues and internal obstacles myself that it’s been tough to manage everything that is going on around me. I got upset and cried because I realized that I wanted more positivity in my life. That I wasn’t really getting it from the people around me. But then I asked myself. What have I been giving to the people around me? If I want positivity in my life, then I should give it first. I’ll be honest. It hurt to know that I wasn’t the person I thought I was being. But it helped me become more self aware. So I dried up my tears and ran the rest of the way home more determined.

This is why I am choosing to practice loving kindness. In the pressured societies we live in, we are constantly surrounded by stress, threat, and other difficulties. It is easier to give into these negative feelings, but we can overcome this by fighting to think positive and wishing everyone around us happiness. It’s not an easy battle, but it’s worth the fight every day.

I want to spread positivity and empathize with others so just as I wish to, may you be safe, may you be healthy, may you live with ease and happiness :)

Choose Love 💚

Software Developer living in the Bay Area. Spending my time Running | Hiking | Coding. Here to share inspiration :)

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