Hacking For Humanity. My first hackathon experience

“By going beyond your own problems and taking care of others, you gain inner strength, self confidence, courage, and a greater sense of calm.” — Dalai Lama

Presenting our product. Photo Credit: Hackbright Academy

What Motivated Me to Attend my First Hackathon

I believe that with code we can make the world a better place by building products that empower and motivate lives. Which is the reason why I chose Hacking For Humanity as my first hackathon. The purpose behind this event was to unite women to solve global challenges with tech.

Most Memorable Moment

When I entered the room, I immediately felt everyone’s energy and excitement.

Hackathon Schedule. Photo Credit: Hackbright Academy


Instead of providing you a story of what all happened during the event (which was mainly brainstorming, coding, coding, and coding), I want to give you some of the things I was able to accomplish from this experience.

  1. Worked in a high paced development environment.
  2. Brainstormed, developed, and presented a website in 24 hours.
  3. Used Git to collaborate with a team for the first time (and finally felt the pain of a merge conflict)
  4. Presented to a large crowd of designers and developers for the first time.
Brainstorming and coding with my teammates

#1 Suggestion to First Time Hackers

The one thing that I suggest to any first time hacker is to be prepared to be uncomfortable at times! Be ready to feel many different emotions and roll with it! Even if you have to take extra breaks or give your close friend a call and cry a little. Being able to work with others in such high pace is courageous and provides self confidence. Even more importantly, coming together with others to make a positive social impact is empowering and helps raise awareness about issues that matter.

Final Product: EmpowHerSF

My teammates and I were all interested and passionate in the topics of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. After a few hours of trying to narrow down what specific issues we were trying to solve, we finally made a decision to focus on raising awareness and outreaching to potential donors by building a modern website for donors.

Thank You Note

I am so grateful to have been a part of this event. One of the ways to raise awareness about issues like human trafficking is to come together. We did just that and built products to support and empower these victims. So can you! Get out there and sign up for your first hackathon!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

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